Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hotels to love: Marqués de Riscal

Spain + Frank Gehry + Hotel = Marqués de Riscal!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Soap for Africa!

Here is a fantastic program that takes used hotel soap (yes those bars you leave behind in the shower), sterilizes, reshapes it and distributes it to refugee camps...oh and creates local jobs to boot! Check out Global Soap Project for more information and a list of participating hotels!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book the "lost flight" on

I LOVE this! will allow you to book a flight on Ocanic airlines...the fictional airline from Lost! More here from cnet.

laundry list

What can you expect in the bathroom the next time you check into a major hotel?
Here is a quick list:


· Sheraton: Shine by Bliss
· Four Points by Sheraton: Caswell-Massey
· W Hotels: Bliss
· Westin: Made especially for Westin
· Aloft: Bliss
· Luxury Collection, St. Regis and Le Meridien: Signature bath products

· JW Marriott: Nervae
· Marriott: Bath and Body Works
· Renaissance: Lather
· Courtyard: Davies Gate
· Fairfield Inn: Pantene
· Residence Inn: Davies Gate
· SpringHill Suites: Pro Terra
· TownePlace Suites: Pro Terra

· Hotel Indigo: Aveda
· Holiday Inn: Garden Botanika products
· Holiday Inn Express: Simply SmartTM
· Crowne Plaza: Reneu Botanicals collection
· Staybridge Suites: SIMPLY be wellTM herbal bath collection

Crabtree & Evelyn LaSource

Varies, but some properties use eShave


Bath and Body Works

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Air New Zealand's amazing new economy "skycouches"

WOW...what a fantastic idea! Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?

Lao's silver lining

Laos is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Orijyn is a company which connects the countries' master craftspeople with the rest of the world. This revenue goes directly to the artists and the products go directly to you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flying high

Check out Air New Zealand's new inflight service...I love the wonderful pillows!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Why not enjoy an old classic in a new package. The illustration and design of these book covers from Penguin will automatically spark your wanderlust.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Seoul 5 star hotel at 50% OFF!

Amazing architecture, exciting art galleries and high-end couture have all put Seoul on the map and 2010 is definitely the year to visit. The 5 star Lotte hotel, one of the cities best has an irresistible offer.
Click here for reservations through March 15
Chick here for reservations through March 22 - April 28

Stylist Lynda Felton's packing list

Stylist Lynda Felton is no stranger to beautiful objects. At any given day she can be found styling items, making sure they look picture-perfect for film or magazine photography. What five items can't Lynda be without when she hits the road? Let's find out... camera - sony cybershot - Small and super easy to use. And, I always have a picture of my dog Lily on it so I can see her when we are apart.

2.aveda blue oil - It has a wonderful peppermint smell that is perfect any time you need a lift. A little on the temples and I'm good to go

3.converse slip-ons - I've owned various styles since the 80's and really what else in my closet can I say that about.

4.Mountain equipment bag - I love this bag.. Lots of different sized compartments to keep my stuff organized. I have had the same one for 12 years and it is still in perfect condition. It's been everywhere with me from antique shows to Cambodia.

5.Virgina Johnson scarf - it's soft and cozy - nuff said.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meals on wheels

In the United States some of the best quick grub can be found from the back of a truck!
Here is a list and how to track down these fast bites.

-Kogi BBQ, Los Angeles, California....where Korean meat mixes with Mexican...fusion heaven.

-Mmmpanadas, Austin, Texas...empanada's a-go-go. With varieties such as barbecued brisket or mango-ginger, who wouldn't order two?

-Cravings, New York City....Taiwanese-style fried-chicken lunch for $6! Yes please!

Fojol Bros of Merlindia, Washington, D.C...chicken masala, pumpkin stew, aloo gobi even mango-lassi popsicles!

-Marination, Seattle, Washington...Hawaiian kalua pork, kimchi quesadilla and a special vegetable slaw will transport you to the south pacific for a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket!

-Dessert truck, New York City....Goat cheese cake, warm chocolate bread pudding and coffee mousse? Need I say more? Brilliance!

-Clover Food Food Truck, Cambridge, Mass...Rosemary fries, warmed pita sandwiches and BBQ seltan.

Party Train

Rail Travel in Europe has always been innovative and exciting. Check out SNCF's new concept train called iDTGV in which you can choose the style of travel that best suites your mood. There is a chill car, a social car and a night party car...remember to pack your dancing shoes!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

get on board with manners

Sometimes while travelling I wonder if some people may have checked their manners along with their luggage. This is a wonderful article reminding us all that minding our manners can make travel all that much more pleasant!

Sub cultures

Often the best and easiest way to get around a new city is to take the underground, metro or subway. Not only do you save money but you get a fantastic glimpse into daily life. Many cities around the world have invested not only money into new snazzy trains but also into the architecture and art in the stations.
Here is an article in business week which highlights twelve of the best.

Also is a fantastic source of underground maps from cities around the world

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nepal the next hotbed for tolerance?

Looks like Nepal is trying to edge its way into the gay travel market and why not?
Two years ago the supreme court passed legislation awarding gays, lesbians and transgendered people equal rights along with a third gender option on all national ID cards. Gay marriage is favored to be legal soon and tour companies and gay bars have sprung up all across Kathmandu
Nepal based Pink Mountain Travel and Tours specialises in treks, tours and all sorts of travel arrangements.

Word of mouth 2 -French!

French is spoken by over 110 million people around the world and is the official language in 29 countries.

1. hello = bonjour
2. good bye = au revoir
3. please = S'il vous plaît
4. your welcome = De rien
5. excuse me = excusez-moi

Asian Street food!

If you are a foodie or ever travelled through Asia (or perhaps both!) you will love this blog. It reminds me of all the fantastic street food I eat when ever I travel to that part of the world.
What really brings the site to life for me is the fantastic photogrpahy by David Hagerman

Gracious Good(ness)!

Traveling to me is all about discovery! When I am not on the road I'm trolling the web, newspapers, magazines, books and local shops seeking that same kind of discovery.
Here is one site that always delights me and ties me over until I'm off on another adventure!

Jetlegs Radio Travel Mix 1

Before you board that next flight make sure to include some of these artists on your playlist.
Click below to give each a pre-view listen.
Stay tuned for more suggestions from culture guru Fruit du Jour!

1. Holiday - Vampire Weekend (from the album Contra)
2. All Yr Songs - Diamond Rings (from the single PS I Love You 7")
3. Measure - Field Music (from the album Measure)
4. Postcards - An Horse (from the album SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists)
5. Love Everlasting - Jeremy Jay (from the album Love Everlasting)
6. Train Song - Feist & Ben Gibbard (from the album Dark Was the Night)
7. Luv Goon - Pearl Harbor (from the EP Something About the Chaparrals EP)
8. The Dark - Woods (from the single Captured Tracks 7")
9. Photograph - B For Butterfly
10. Hug The Harbour - Emma Pollock (from the album The Law Of Large Numbers)
11. Empty-Hall Sing-Along - Woodpigeon (from the album Die Stadt Muzikanten)
12. A Funny Thing - Penguin Prison (from the EP Animal Animal)
13. Warm In The Shadows - Music Go Music (from the album Warm In The Shadows)
14. When I'm With You - Best Coast
15. Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix) - The xx (from the album xx)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Word of mouth

I'm not sure about you but when I travel I always try and learn a few words in the native language. So I thought it might be fun to post a few.
Today, Portuguese. Please correct me if any of these are incorrect. I'm sure all my Brazilian and Portuguese friends will have a great laugh over this!
1. hello=olá!
2.good bye =adeus
3. please =por favor
4.your welcome = sua boa vinda
5. excuse me =desculpe-me
Next will be French as I prepare for another trip to Paris in February!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

List of top 15 February festivals around the world

Start packing! Here is a list of the top 15 festivals going on around the world in February!

1. ITALY: February 7,14,16,17 Viareggio Carnival

2. FRANCE: February 13-28 (Wednesdays and week-ends) Nice Carnival

3. ITALY: February 6-16 Venice Carnival

4. SPAIN: February 11-17 Sitges Carnival

5. BELGIUM: February 14-16 Carnaval de Binche

6. PERU: (Puno) February 2-11 Candelaria Festival

7. MALI: February 3-7 Festival des Masques et Marionettes

8. JAPAN: February 5-11 Sapporo Snow Festival

9. CANADA:(Ottawa) February 5-21 Ottawa Winterlude

10. THAILAND: (Chiang Mai) February 5-7 Chiang Mai Flower Festival

11. BRAZIL: (Rio) February 13-16 Rio Carnival

12. EGYPT: February 22 Abu Simbel Festival

13. TRINIDAD: February 15-16 Carnival

14. INDIA: February 14-16 Goa Carnival

15. AUSTRALIA: February 19- March 7 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Shut eye

Design obsessed travellers will be the first to check into Abu Dhabi's Yas Hotel designed by New York based architect firm Asymptote. The 500 room hotel with its curvilinear grid-shell is covered with over 5,300 diamond-shaped steel panels and contains nearly 5000 LED fixtures. The project is being hailed as the world’s largest LED project.

Street Art in Buenos Aires

Not that anyone needs another excuse to visit Buenos Aires but here it is anyway.
Since the economic crash back in 2001, many street artists have emerged, most with a strong background in graphic design. Tours are now being offered by graffitimundo for AR$75 pesos. You'll tour the graffiti scenes and learn all about the history and artists involved.

Friday, January 1, 2010

PACKING LIST: Prada Leather Trolley

Let's do our part for the enviroment and park the private jet back in the hanger and go commercial. You'll still be a star as long as you are sporting one of these darling Prada leather trolleys! Could the colours get any better?
From $2,650.

WHERE TO GO NOW: Wrocław, Poland

The town of Wrocław, Poland is an easy drive from Prague, Berlin or Warsaw. Not to mention cheap flights from much of Western Europe can be had via discount carrier WIZZ Air starting from €23. The town is built on several islands and connected by over 100 bridges. Full of history, the beautifully restored Market Square is full of amazing architecture. With Over 65 percent of the population being of a young working age, many spend their winters hitting the famous ski slopes just south of town. Winter or Summer your sure to have a great time, just make sure you head to Wrocław before the rest of the world finds out!

on the right track

Here's some news to kick off 2010.
To assist the growing number of woman who are joining the workforce in India the state Railroad has introduced woman only cars in their trains. The train cars, known as "Ladies Specials" are now running between India's largest cities, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta.
Japan, Egypt, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Belarus, the Philippines and Dubai are other countries who have had similar problems with men behaving badly during the daily commute and have jumped on the right track with similar programs.