Thursday, July 22, 2010

ear candy

Yes we all know about noise canceling headphones and how freaking amazing they are for a long list of reasons. However check out how freaking amazing these Nixon headphones are! The colours are brilliant!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interview with swimwear designer and make-up artist Cheryl Gushue

(photos: Rick Opiola and Greg Swales)

With summer in full swing and more of us hitting the beach, we thought we should catch up with swimwear designer (and celebrity make-up artist) Cheryl Gushue. Her line, Gushue Swim is super hot and gaining tons of momentum. She was a finalist in the ELLE New Label Show in 2009!

JL: How did you get interested in designing swimwear?
CG: I've loved swimwear for so long, I made it for my barbies. It used to be what I purchased as my memento whenever I traveled somewhere.

JL: What void were you trying to fill when you first introduced your line back in
CG: What I found back then was that bikinis were sold as sets. It didn't make sense to me that lingerie was sold as separates yet swimwear wasn't. I also found that there wasn't much variety offered in Toronto and since my background was fashion design, I might as well make myself one-of-a-kind designs because I knew exactly what I wanted.

JL: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?
CG: I draw inspiration from my travels mostly. Concepts come from the style, the vibe, the music, the vegetation and the architecture from the city or beach I visit. Taking all that into consideration, I add my own personal flair to it. I make what I would love to wear. The fabrics also dictate what the concept will be.

JL: Many people struggle finding the right piece of swimwear.
Can you offer
up any tips?
CG: Find the separates or one piece that suits your shape and body type and stick to it. The idea is to give your body the best proportions. Colours and patterns can make or break your look too. It's like finding that perfect pair of pants and buying them in three colours.

JL: What can we expect from your Spring 2011 collection?
CG: I've gone to a few beautiful, high-end hot spots in St. Barts, Barbados and Bahamas since my last collection. I've taken lots of photos. Living in those super hot temperatures has given me some great new ideas (and reminded me that I am indeed an island girl). I can't tell you everything but let's just say that it will be a very fresh and light collection.

JL: Not only are you an amazing designer but also a super talented make-up artist and a keen traveler. Do you have any make-up or packing tips that you can provide for those on the go?
CG: You wouldn't want to take packing tips from someone who still manages to take three pieces of luggage on a one week beach trip, so... I will give you a make-up tip for all the hot weather we are enduring. Ideally you want to keep your look and application as light as possible. Use tinted moisturizer with a sponge (to use less product). Apply matte bronzer with a highlight brush (less heavy bristles uses less product). Also, use waterproof mascara since you are sweating more and engaging in a little water activities. It's all fun and games if someone dunks you in the pool until you come out looking like Alice Cooper. Also, don't pack your entire make-up collection. Take only the basics... and enough to make a smokey eye.

JL: Okay, if you were stuck on a deserted island with British make-up legend Pat McGrath, what would your must-have items be?
CG: If I were stuck on a deserted island (I would probably like that) Pat McGrath and I would be hanging out and talking about how we would parish without our great lash mascara, SST tinted primer and moisture kick and my NARS gloss in Chihuahua... and I would also need a few cases of smartwater. Dehydration is so unflattering!

Monday, July 5, 2010

jetlegs in the media!

Thanks to the folks at Elle Canada for the shout-out!

it's in the bag!

And you thought you had trouble packing light? My friend, celebrity make-up artist Diana Carreiro gives us all a little peek into what she needs to pack in order to get the job done!
Check it out

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best beach towels

Before you hit the beach this summer make sure that you have packed one of the seasons hottest towels!